Baitworks Points System

Start earning points now - redeem them for free stuff later

We have thought long and hard here at Baitworks about how we can reward our loyal customers, encourage new ones and stimulate more interaction between us. We have come up with the Baitworks points system.

In its basic form, every time you purchase a product you will earn Baitworks points.

£1 = 1 point.

These can be redeemed on future orders or saved to purchase larger item.

We will be doing special promotions throughout the year awarding extra points for specific items and dropping the amount of points required to get other products for free. 

We will be adding extra sections to the Baitworks website that will allow our customers to write reviews of the products they have been using and upload pictures of their catches - for every review and picture we put on the site we will add points to your account so you can select free stuff.

Friends and family will be able to add points to your account by calling us or visiting a gift page so if they are lost for a Birthday or Christmas present you know where you can send them.

The beauty of the Baitworks points system is that you get to choose what you get for free. From stuff you purchase all the time to one off items. We will be encouraging our customers to save their points so as the products get more expensive the relative value of the points required will be less - so, for example if something worth £10 requires 100 points to get it free something worth £100 may only require 900 points.

You can to view the points you have accumulated whenever you log in to your account and, when completed, see what items in you basket you can have for free if you redeem your points.