Baitworks gives back.

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Baitworks have been running local carp events here in the Cotswold Water park for the past 5 years. We invite a guest speaker to entertain the 300 or so carper that the event attracts at a local venue here in the CWP
Past speakers include Simon Scott, Jason Heyward, Adam Penning and Terry Dempsey, a fine array of speakers I’m sure you will agree. Once more these guys do our talks for free as they believe in our ethos! All the money raised on the night goes straight back to the local fishing community in the way of carp purchased from a carp farm and then given to various open access clubs and fisheries around the Cotswolds. Anyone can join and fish for these carp.
Last week we celebrated stocking our 135th carp (over £15,000 in value) into the local area with 6 fish going into Andy Mundays club lake, South Cerney. The next event will be next winter due to our home venue being refurbished for the next 6 months. Thank you for all the support that we receive for these events. As a Bait company that operates its business here on the CWP it is great to give back to the area, its not all about profit, profit, profit.