Royal Marine delivery the knockout punch.

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I fished mainly work over nighters through the spring starting off using the Scent pop ups and switching to Royal marine pop ups after the fish spawned. 


My approach was simple. Try and find the fish and put a bait where they were. It was my first year carp fishing using the Royal Marine having used the Atlantic Heat for years.

The Royal Marine was instant with no pre-baiting needed. It's always nice to get off to a good start and my first night I caught two, including one of the old ones at 27lb on a Baitworks Scent from Heaven pop up over a light scatterng of RM.

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I arrived after work on the Friday I was buzzing as I had a two night pass from the wife. I immediately found some fish up near the shallows and after a couple of hours trying the catch one I moved and settled on a swim which I thought may intercept them if they moved back down the lake at night. The night went well and I had two fish up to 27lb.


The next day seemed different though and I struggled to find any fish on the shallows. Thinking any further chances had gone I packed up and set off barrowing around the lake, 2 1/2 hours later I still had nothing to go on. I eventually got back around to the shallows and stung and scratched I peered into the water and a few fish had returned.


Where did I end up? Back in the swim I had fished the night before. What a knob.


Knowing the spots I quickly flicked out my Royal Marine pop ups and scattered 30-40 matching freebies around each rod and settled back to recover.


About an hour later I had a big liner and I looked up to see a huge fizz come up around my left hand rod. It always seems an age when you are expecting a bite, but after about 10 minutes the black and white bobbin pulled up and I was in. I immediately played the fish hard due to the weed, and the fish hit the surface, telling me exactly what I had hooked. The legs went and I was probably dribbling, but after a few very scary moments (I thought at one point Id lost him)  I netted a big ball of weed and there, hidden underneath, was Tyson. Weight didn't matter really, but at 41.1 I was more than pleased. My old mate Ian Baily was a minute up the road so helped with the photos and we slipped him back. I quickly changed my plans, packed up, grabbed a bottle of wine and went home, singing all the way.