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Atlantic Heat boilies
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mark bryant carp, carp, baitworks, best boilies, monster red boilies, boilies
Autumn is here. The fish are nearly at their top weights and are looking for food! Here's my top three tips to keep the action coming.
gigantica carp, immaculate common, baitworks, royal marine boilies, best boilies, scent from heaven, carp bait
The two biggest carp in Gigantica fall to Baitworks products.
baitworks, royal marine boilies, boilies, carp, uk carp
Baitworks big fish boilies doing the business.......Again.


A margin caught Monster Red muncher for Scotty.
Monster Red stick mix.
How to use the Monster Red stick mix.
wasing carp, baitworks, royal marine boilies, uk carp record, carp, best boilies
Royal Marine 18mm boilies catches the Parrot from Wasing estate at 60lb+
The old Farriers record at 38lb.
Atlantic Heat strikes again. 38lb lake record at Farriers lake.
Another to the mighty Atlantic Heat soaked in Hot fish oil
Lake record to the mighty Atlantic Heat boilies.
Baitworks user Shane Ogrady catches a 40+ lake record. Plenty of tips on how to use our Hot fish oil in this video.

Meet the team

Simon has a masters degree in fish biology and fish nutrition and has an active roll in all the baits that we produce at Baitworks.

Richard Stewart, korda, carp, baitworks, boilies, carp bait,

After completing a Masters degree in fish ecology, Richard trained as an angling journalist with DHP and rose to the position of Editor of Advanced Carp Fishing magazine, before joining Korda, wher

Jim Mathews, baitworks, korda

Jim is not only an exceptional carp angler but is a excellent all rounder catching huge bream, perch and chub.