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We took a long while to source the correct PVA for these bags but we’ve nailed it. We obsessed over these for ages as we wanted to ensure these PVA...
Jason Edmunds has been enjoying a flurry of cold water action recently and this lovely crisp backdrop almost makes me shiver! The weathers all over...
A recent edit for all of us who dream of carp!


Winter Carping - James Armstrong
Winter Carping - James Armstrong in session with our products.
atlantic heat boilie, carp, baitworks, big carp
No caption.
monster red boilies, baitworks, carp fishing, carp, best boilies.
James Knight with 46lb target common caught on the Monster Red 18mms.
gigantica carp, immaculate common, baitworks, royal marine boilies, best boilies, scent from heaven, carp bait
Gigantica. The immaculate common 79lb for Jeff Maskable. Scent from Hell 15mm pop up.
simon scott monster red churn pool
Simon Scott with a Churn pool common on the Monster Red 15mm Boilies.
atlantic heat boilie, carp, baitworks, big carp
No caption.

Meet the team

baitworks, carp fishing, catching carp, boilies, best boilies, quality bait, carp bait, elliott gray,

Elliott has been using our product for a number of years with the Scent from Hells a favorite product of his. The talented Essex angler comes with a wealth of experience as well as carp captures.

I've known Mike for well over twenty years and it's great to now have him on board as our full time Marketing Manager.
baitworks, carp fishing, carp bait, boilies, royal marine boilies, buy the best bait

Jude is the youngest member of our team who brings lots of energy and enthusiasm as well as catching lots of carp. Jude won the BYCAC with the help of our products.