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Jason Edmunds has been enjoying a flurry of cold water action recently and this lovely crisp backdrop almost makes me shiver! The weathers all over...
A recent edit for all of us who dream of carp!
A great end to the year for Mike. I went down to take a few pics for Mike Holly this morning of a lovely, deep red and brown flanked linear. We...


hell pop ups
The Scent from Hell pop ups.
Giles Harris, 41.08 Atlantic Heat 18mms. CWP Ashton Keynes.
37.4 lake record. Scent from Hell pop up over Monster Red shelf lifes.
Mini campaign at Little farriers. Cotswold water park.
Little farriers, Cotswold water park. Applying bait and moving accounts for a lake record for the cameras.
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Ricky Simpson with a awesome result taken on the Royal Marine boilies. The best carp bait.
mark bryant carp fishing, baitworks, best boilies, royal marine boilies
37lb Royal Marine boilies.

Meet the team

I've known Mike for well over twenty years and it's great to now have him on board as our full time Marketing Manager.
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When he was 12, Jake attended the first Korda Carp Academy, where he was lucky enough to fish with Dave Gawthorn, who certainly knows a thing or two about match fishing, being a former BCAC champio

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Elliott has been using our product for a number of years with the Scent from Hells a favorite product of his. The talented Essex angler comes with a wealth of experience as well as carp captures.