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Jason Edmunds has been enjoying a flurry of cold water action recently and this lovely crisp backdrop almost makes me shiver! The weathers all over...
A recent edit for all of us who dream of carp!
A great end to the year for Mike. I went down to take a few pics for Mike Holly this morning of a lovely, deep red and brown flanked linear. We...


Churn pool's long common.
Churn Pools most wanted to Baitworks Boss.
Big Red from Churn pool on the awesome Monster Red boilies.
Big Red from Churn pool on the awesome Monster Red boilies.
How to use our Atlantic Heat booster bottles.
How to use the booster bottles.
jack reid, baitworks, royal marine boilies, carp fishing, best  boilies
Park lake cracker for Jack Reid. Royal Marine boilies soaked in matching dip.
Royal Marine result.
Quick session, quick result on the Royal Marine shelf life.
baitworks, carp fishing, catching carp, boilies, best boilies, quality bait, carp bait, elliott gray,
Elliott Gray with a 41+ caught on a mix of Atlantic Heat and Royal Marine boilies soaked in liquid fish and hot fish oil.

Meet the team

I've known Mike for well over twenty years and it's great to now have him on board as our full time Marketing Manager.
Jim Mathews, baitworks, korda

Jim is not only an exceptional carp angler but is a excellent all rounder catching huge bream, perch and chub.

mark bryant carp fishing, baitworks, best boilies, royal marine boilies

This is where it all the mind of our very own Mr Baitworks himself.