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The spring is here and the fish are moving around the lakes. We have asked some of Team Baitworks to give us their top tips that are going to help...
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Customer satisfaction is always top of our list. See what our anglers say about us.
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In 2007 we didn't know Simon Scott but we were requested to sent our boilie range to him for a series of tank tests. See how our carp baits...


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King Fungus, Wraysbury No.1. Phil Bunyan. Atlantic Heat 15mms.
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41lb for the Boss caught on Monster Red 15mm shelf life boilies.
simon scott monster red churn pool
Simon Scott with a Churn pool common on the Monster Red 15mm Boilies.
Winter fishing at Churn Pool, Cotswold Water Park
The boss fishing at Churn Pool in the winter. Plenty of tips here.
The old Farriers record at 38lb.
Atlantic Heat strikes again. 38lb lake record at Farriers lake.
Monster Red pop ups.
How to use our Monster Red pop ups.

Meet the team

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ESP media coordinator Jack Reid has been using the Baitworks range for a number of years now.

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Jude is the youngest member of our team who brings lots of energy and enthusiasm as well as catching lots of carp. Jude won the BYCAC with the help of our products.

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When he was 12, Jake attended the first Korda Carp Academy, where he was lucky enough to fish with Dave Gawthorn, who certainly knows a thing or two about match fishing, being a former BCAC champio