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Huge carp for Josh Ramsden.
Throw back Thursday to a tale of a huge leather carp. Circa 1999
jack reid esp, baitworks, carp fishing, carp
Fishing for myths can be both exciting and nerve wracking. ESP Jack Reid has been targeting a particular mirror carp that has always been elusive.


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30lb+ for the Boss. Royal Marine Shelf lifes soaked in matching dip.
Churn pool's long common.
Churn Pools most wanted to Baitworks Boss.
Floater fishing tips.
Some great floater fishing tips here.
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Ryan Evans with a 40lb+ from the Wharf, Cardiff. Scent from Hell pop ups.
jude ashken, hot fish oil, baitworks
Jude Ashken - 30+ Hot fish oil soaked mixers.
jack reid, baitworks, royal marine boilies, carp fishing, best  boilies
Park lake cracker for Jack Reid. Royal Marine boilies soaked in matching dip.

Meet the team

I've known Mike for well over twenty years and it's great to now have him on board as our full time Marketing Manager.
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Elliott has been using our product for a number of years with the Scent from Hells a favorite product of his. The talented Essex angler comes with a wealth of experience as well as carp captures.

jack reid, baitworks, royal marine boilies, carp fishing, fully scaled carp, best  boilies

ESP media coordinator Jack Reid has been using the Baitworks range for a number of years now.