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Huge carp for Josh Ramsden.
Throw back Thursday to a tale of a huge leather carp. Circa 1999
jack reid esp, baitworks, carp fishing, carp
Fishing for myths can be both exciting and nerve wracking. ESP Jack Reid has been targeting a particular mirror carp that has always been elusive.


The Baitworks boss returns with Danny Fairbrass at the Bluebell complex for a action packed episode.
baitworks, carp fishing, mark bryant, carp bait, boilies, royal marine boilies, buy the best bait
The Boss with a 33lb mirror, Royal Marine boilies and Liquid fish combo.
Winter carp fishing tips
Tips for carp fishing in the winter months.
Brace of 30's on Baitworks boilies.
Brace of 30's for the Boss on Baitworks boilies.
simon scott monster red boilies baitworks
49lb Nutsey fish to Simon Scott. Monster Red boilies soaked in matching dip.
Jake Taylor in session with the Hot fish oil.
Jake Taylor in session with the zigs and the Hot fish oil.

Meet the team

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Simon has a masters degree in fish biology and fish nutrition and has an active roll in all the baits that we produce at Baitworks.

baitworks, jake taylor, carp fishing, carp bait, boilies, royal marine boilies, buy the best bait

When he was 12, Jake attended the first Korda Carp Academy, where he was lucky enough to fish with Dave Gawthorn, who certainly knows a thing or two about match fishing, being a former BCAC champio

baitworks, carp fishing, carp bait, boilies, royal marine boilies, buy the best bait

The west sussex angler has a mega consistant knack of catching some stunning fish year on year. Fishing in the Ringwood/Chichester area, Ricky has see first hand how effective our baits have been.