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We get lots of questions over our social media channels regarding similar themes. So we’ve tried to pick off the most common questions below. However, if we’ve missed anything, feel free to drop us a line and we’ll be pleased to help.

If you’re unable to log into your account, you may need to reset your password, which you can do by clicking here.

Alternatively, if you’re trying to log in using your details from the old Baitworks site, you’ll again need to click the above link and reset your password.

When choosing a password for your account ensure you choose a secure password as this is the best way to protect your account. Generating a secure password is straight forward and we suggest using 3 or more unrelated words separated by a special character.

For example:

Passwords such as these are easy to remember but hard to crack!

You can make this even more secure but still easy to remember by making one of your words be in all CAPS or using Title Case.

For example:

Or further still by varying the special characters:

Please choose a unique password and not one you’ve used on any other websites before. Repeating the same password for different logins is one of the most common ways people get their accounts hacked. The easiest way to ensure you always use a strong password is to use a password manager such as 1Password or LastPass (meaning you only ever have to remember a single secure password and all other passwords are managed automatically by the password manager).

Probably the most frequently asked question on our social media channels is “Can I be a Team Member?”

Currently we have a small promo team at Baitworks who help us promote what we do in the right way. These guys produce very good quality pictures and video content, have a good social media following and are very active on social media. This is important to us as social media is our main advertising channel.

So firstly those are the things we look for when adding anyone to our promo team. We also look for anglers that stand out from the crowd and know their way round a camera.These skills certainly help us notice you in a very crowded Social Media market. More often than not we’ll approach anglers we feel would suit our Promo Team rather than anglers approaching us. If you want to get noticed by a brand, keep active on social media and brush up on your camera skills as these two elements will certainly help.

When we launched Baitworks in 2005 we decided to sell direct to the customer, this way we can increase the levels of premium ingredients included in the bait as we don’t have to make the bait at a retail cost price restriction.

Yes, the more boilies you buy the cheaper the price per kilo. The prices per kilo reduce in your basket based on the total volume of boilies, so you can mix and match baits and still get the volume related discounts.

This is one of our most frequently asked questions also. All our baits in the range are designed for 12 months use, they’re all extremely digestible and suitable for year round use. If your fishing in the depths of winter then bait application will be more crucial but fish with total confidence all year whatever bait in the range you choose to use.

Another often asked question and a hard one to answer. All the baits in our range are equally as effective, each designed and made with quality ingredients and proven over many years. It boils down to a personal preference and with the four baits in the range we have something for everyone.

Our shipping rate is fixed for UK customers at £5.99 regardless if you order 10 or 100 Kilos. We use DPD and you’ll be able to track your delivery as soon as it’s left Baitworks HQ using the tracking link we’ll send you when your order is on route. European shipping varies and is based on weight.

See our delivery and returns page for further shipping details for non UK residents.

Another regular question this, and the basic answer is simple. The baits are exactly the same but the shelf life baits have a low level, food grade preservative in them. This takes away the need to keep them in the freezer as we appreciate some anglers do not have freezer space. Fish both with complete confidence. I’ve always got a bag of shelf life baits in the van, it’s all I ever fish.

All hook bait boosters can’t be overloaded so you can add as much to each pot of hook baits as you please. However, I like to add between 6-12 drops or a 3-4 sprays to each tub of hooks baits 24 hours before each session. Be careful how much liquid you add to pop ups and wafters, as this will impact buoyancy.

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