Atlantic Heat Freezer Boilies


The Atlantic Heat Freezer Boilie was born in 2005, after painstaking tank and pond tests. A devastating blend of marine extracts, pre-digested/LT fishmeals, spices and milk proteins are just some of the ingredients that make up this big-carp catcher. The bait was designed not only to attract carp but also natural aquatic life such as snails, caddis and bloodworm to feed on the bait. Its pedigree is now beyond doubt, and this modern classic has accounted for some of the finest carp around. It’s no wonder that so many experienced carp anglers consider ‘The Heat’ to be the best boilie they’ve ever used. All year food source, can be used for 12 months of the year and, as the name suggests, keep boilies frozen between angling sessions. PLEASE NOTE 24mm’s may have a longer lead time.

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