Baitworks reviews

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Customer satisfaction is always something that we pride ourselves on here at Baitworks   

Those those of you who have taken time to review our company we thank you. We are a  family business we hold dear a simple ethos of making the best carp bait available and delivering it to our customers as fast as possible. With the confusing choice of carp fishing bait here in the UK we strive to simplify the process. Order direct from our factory, direct to your door. via our simple mail order system. Cut the middle men out. 


‘It's nearly been a year since I started using the Baitworks range and I'm completely hooked by the products and the service that you get,this year I have caught more fish then I have ever have on my club water also managing to catch one of my target fish that alluded me for nearly 4 seasons also I have broken my p.b carp in France which now stands at 54lb 10oz

Looking forward to using it for many more years to come this BAITWORKS!!!!!’

Gareth Williams reviewed Baitworks – 5 star


‘I cant explain how my fishing has progressed since getting on to Baitworks products.

5 different 30s in the last 7 weeks, 48lbs pb, 111lbs cat fish and more fish than I could ever have hoped for.

Great service and advice every time I go in to Baitworks.’

Ian Brookman reviewed Baitworks – 5 star


‘Excellent bait that gives us confidence in our catch rate with 2 new pb's in the first outings with monster red in the first 2 hours and first fish I had caught out of the lake which I visited numerous times without catching. Get on it and make the difference between catching and blanking.’

Jean-Paul Picart reviewed Baitworks – 5 star


‘What an absolute gem of a Co. Friendly helpful and that's just the service.  The baits on a different level.’

Richard young reviewed Baitworks – 5 star


‘Have used the Atlantic Heat for 3 years now, the bait is excellent and can be used with confidence anywhere. Service is always excellent with delivery on time and within a couple of days of ordering every time.’

Ian Ashworth reviewed Baitworks – 5 star