Gaz Fareham

Gaz Fareham certainly needs no introduction and we feel extremely privileged to have Gaz on board as a Baitworks consultant, he’s certainly been a credit to any brand he’s worked with and we’re looking forward to having his input on new and existing products. Over the years we’ve been inspired by Gaz’s adventures, his writings and his beautiful photography. His passion for creativity has always shone through, so it was no surprise that the birth of his Subsurface Journal soon etched itself in carp fishing history, it certainly represented a perfect shift in print and the written word. Many have referred to it as a movement created to inspire and we couldn’t agree more. Gaz has also joined up with ESP and Cypography so I’m sure we’ll have some fun times, adventures and tales to tell in the near future. Gaz is a wonderful ambassador for any brand and we feel extremely lucky to have Gaz's input as a consultant.