Dec 2010. Baitworks, Cokes pit stocking.

26 fish were stocked into Coakes pit from the Baitworks, Simon Scott fund raising night Dec 2010.


On a cold, damp and miserable Saturday in January 2011, a small number of anglers huddled in the gloom of a winter’s day full of anticipation of what was going to occur that hour. Today was the day that Cokes pit on the Cotswold water park was going to receive new life blood in the form of 26 new arrivals form Viv Shears and Simon Scott’s fantastic VS Fisheries. The donation of carp to Ashton Keynes angling club was from Baitworks carp event. 

Baitworks carp events were satrted in Oct 2009. Our first event was ‘The Wraysbury slide show’ in 2010. Proceeds from this event went directly back into the fabric or the park in the way of Carp for anglers to fish for. The carp were of a ‘Sutton’ strain that have done incredibly impressive weight gains all round the country as well as boast some stunning scale patterns and bags of character.  These fish will be the future of the water park that many anglers Im sure will enjoy for years to come.