CreAmino Freezer Boilie Paste (400g)


A pure, unboiled, fresh tub of CreAmino boilie paste. This can be used to create unique odd shaped hook bait or moulded in thin layers around your hook bait or lead for added attraction. This one is packed full of crunchy, carp catching ingredients.

(Boiling times will vary depending on bait sizes but as a guide we recommend 2 minutes for 15mm baits and 2 minutes 15 seconds for 18mm baits as a starting point). Once made keep frozen.

Paste is made fresh and then frozen. This will need to be kept frozen to keep its freshness and can be defrosted when you need it. Defrost paste in the fridge and do not leave out for long periods of time. Only take what is needed and freeze again straight away. Please note that the paste can be continously in and out of the freezer as and when you need it (defrost in the fridge). If needed you can add a little bit of water after its defrosted to make it more pliable to mould around your hook bait or lead.

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