INDUCE Pop Ups 12mm


New and improved 12mm INDUCE pop ups have been tweaked and are now made using a mega buoyant pop up mix.

These will hold up your spinners and chods perfectly!

Our INDUCE Pop ups have been in the pipeline for a few years now. These smell divine, the best way to describe the beautiful aroma when you lift the lid is a complex blend of esters and lactones producing a sweet, ripe, almost fruit berry type smell (hard to describe or put your finger on it!). They consist of numerous fruit classics in liquid and powdered form, rounded off with a pure, complex blend of essential oils. Our new, super buoyant pop up recipe make these ideal for all of todays rigs. IT-WORKS

Get more bites by adding 15 drops of the booster bottle to the tub 24 hrs before you’re on the bank. Shake the tub after.

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