Monster Red Base Mix


If you like rolling your own bait then these basemix packs are perfect. This one is our Monster Red, the Red is a devastating blend of high quality Hydrolyzed vegetable proteins that trigger and stimulate both the olfactory and gustatory systems of the cyprinidae (carp) family. These are combined with a devastating blend of creamy cheese powders, mixed spices, sweet nut meals, milk fractions, bird foods to create the all season, go anywhere bait.

This basemix needs NO EGGS, just add water until you reach the required consistency/texture and roll as normal. Select either the base mix on its own to make your own twist on the Monster Red or we offer an option to also supply the same liquid food package that goes into 5kg of the Monster Red boilies (150ml supplied in bottle).

Note – 5kg base mix will produce around 7kg of rolled boilies = Approx £5.70 per kilo of finished bait.

Approx boiling times

15mm = 2 mins

18mm = 2.25 mins

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