The EDGE – Active Liquid Stimulator


This ones a bit special. An exciting new product designed to compliment the EDGE range. This liquid comes in two parts, firstly it contains a blend of dense, amino rich, natural liquids that will sit tight to the bottom. The second part is a combination of oils that once shaken will infuse itself and sink to the bottom and then slowly leach up through the layers, drawing the heavy food liquid to the surface. Once it hits the surface the heavy food sinks back down to the baited area to create a huge trial of food signals. Designed to stimulate the carps feeding receptors. Great for injecting into PVA bags too. This liquid is seriously active. Shake well and poor into a glass and watch what happens!

Can be used to coat boilies, pellets, mixers, or included within spod/stick mixes. PVA friendly. Use all year.


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