During the first few weeks of a carp’s life, farmed carp are given these tiny pellets to ween them off a natural diet and onto a pellet diet. These tiny Hatchery feed pellets are packed with feed inducers and stimulants that are extremely attractive to all Cyprinids and are purposely designed to invoke an immediate, aggressive and almost involuntary feeding response.

Based on our trials we couldn’t agree more, the carp have been ripping up the marginal spots until every last little pellet has been devoured!

So we’ve settled on a blended combination of the highest quality hatchery feeds we could source to create the “The EDGE – Mini Mix” and based on our results and observations we’ve seen during testing they’re going to help you catch loads of carp.

These pellets are purposely designed to create an incredible feeding response and are the perfect size for PVA bags. They’ll be available in 1kg and 5kg bags.

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