The spring is here and the fish are moving around the lakes. We have asked some of Team Baitworks to give us their top tips that are going to help you catch more spring carp at this time of year. Carp fishing at this time of year can produce carp at there highest weights.
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Customer satisfaction is always top of our list. See what our anglers say about us.
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In 2007 we didn't know Simon Scott but we were requested to sent our boilie range to him for a series of tank tests and reviews. See how our carp baits preformed. Spoiler alert, Simon starting using our products two weeks after he witnessed the reactions!
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Jake Taylor recaps the capture of Gigantica lakes biggest resident.
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Why don't we supply the shops with our carp bait? We are a bolile company that supplies direct....Why???
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Autumn is here. The carp are nearly at their top weights and are looking for food! Here's my top three fishing tips to keep the action coming.
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The two biggest carp in Gigantica fall to Baitworks products.
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Baitworks big fish boilies doing the business.......Again.
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The Parrot from Wasing Estate, the UK's finest falls to the Royal Marine.
Customer feedback and reviews are always welcome. James Griffiths just about sums up our ethos at Baitworks.
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The boss is back in a BIG way! Come read the story.
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Long term Baitworks user Rob Morris struck gold recently when he slipped the net under this huge 56lb 7oz personal best!
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Garth tells us the story of his capture of Tyson from a tricky Southern club water at 41.1. A real old one that appears in the book 'Fox Pool', when he weighed just under 30lb, back in 1987.
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Its always great to here from our customers regarding our service and products. John Dallison sent us through this email detailing his experience of Baitworks. Thanks John.
It was only six months or so ago that Mark Bryant was in a coma following a near fatal car crash, but thankfully he has been making a miraculous recovery.
Baitworks have been running local carp events here in the Cotswold Water park for the past 5 years. We invite a guest speaker to entertain the 300 or so carper that the event attracts at a local venue here in the CWP
September the 3rd... A date forever etched into not only my mind but also the minds of my family and close friends. It was a normal day when, in the blink of an eye, I was involved in a near-fatal car crash that almost ended my time on this beautiful planet.
Rob Morris has been busy testing a couple of new ingredients/baits for us this summer. On limited time the Swindon angler has been more than impressed with the reaction from the carp to these new products. This 40+ the latest fish to confirm the effectiveness of our commitment to research and development for all our range before they hit the website.
Staying away from the angling pressure down one end of the park lake paid off for Stephen Holdsworth who went on to have a couple of fish whilst many others blanked. This stunning 39.14 (very honest) sought after mirror was the pick of the fish. Curly introduced 3kgs of Atlantic Heat 18mm freebies over a wide area, this was again too much to resist for one of the venues heavyweights. This Atlantic Heat has caught nearly all the stock out of this particular park lake and continues to be the angler in the know number one choice. Well done fella.
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Brilliant start for Martin. Since joining Baitworks this year, specialist angler Martin Bowler has certainly hit the ground running. Martin have caught stacks of Carp, Barbel, and chub on a selection of our Boilies and products. Whats even more satisfiying is that Martin had free choice of ny company in the Uk to join and choose us because of our ethos on producing the best fishing bait in the country. Martins stand out products have been the ‘Scent from Hell’ pop ups that have caught everywhere Martin has cast them.