The Biggest & The Best

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Customers comments are very important to us. 

'I really believe Baitworks has made a difference to my fishing as now I feel a big part of the puzzle has fallen into place to be able to turn up with total confidence in your bait. So thank you for supplying such quality products with great value for money I am definitely a fan! - Tom Last.

Tom Last has been fishing the current carp record venue for 11 years in hope of one day holding its most treasured prize, the parrot.

It wasn't until Tom decided to switch to our products, in particular our Royal Marine that things really fell into place. 

Tom immediately hit the ground running and since April landed numerous big fish from the venue, culminating in the king of the pond, the parrot at massive 61lb 8oz!!!

Bait choice makes a huge difference, quality bait as Tom has proved is a big edge.

Well done Tom from all at Baitworks, this really is a huge result and one of the best carp in the country.