Monster Red 12mm Mini Boilies – Freezer


Monster Red Minis 12mm – A blend of Hydrolyzed vegetable proteins that triggers and stimulates both the olfactory and gustatory systems of the cyprinidae (carp) family. These are combined with a devastating blend of creamy cheese powders, mixed spices, sweet nut meals, and bird foods to create the all-season Monster Red boilies.

These key ingredients, along with others, give the Monster Red a high free amino acid content that has seen the Monster Red boilies become Baitworks’ top performer in independent tank tests, as well as our own. This creamy/spicy combo has become a firm favourite for a large percentage of customers, particularly those with limited time, because this bait releases its attractors very quickly, thanks to its soluble nature. All-year food source that can be used for 12 months of the year. Keep boilies frozen between sessions.

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