PineapHell Pop Ups 12mm


RIG GUIDE – 12mm’s are ideal for Ronnies and will hold up single strand chod rigs with hooks up to a size 6. Adding chunky bait screws into these small pop ups will impact the buoyancy of all rigs.

New and improved 12mm PineapHell pop ups have been tweaked and are now made using a mega buoyant pop up mix.

These will hold up your spinners and chods perfectly!

A classic blend of organic acids and a legendary pineapple flavour flavour gives you the much awaited Pineaphells. A year of tweaking and testing finally gave us the balance that we needed. These baits stimulate both systems of the cyprinid family – Olfaction (smell) and gustatory (taste). This dull yellow colour we have found to be very effective in testing and subtle enough to catch the carps eye.

Get more bites by adding 15 drops of the booster bottle to the tub 24 hrs before your on the bank. Shake tub after.

We recommend

  • Spare hook bait pot

    Spare hook bait pot

  • Chopped Tiger Nuts (700g)

    Chopped Tiger Nuts – Product needs soaking/boiling (700g)

  • CreAmino Sweet Cream oil

    CreAmino Sweet Cream oil